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PIA applies theatre practices and playfully integrates grammar to teach languages in fun and engaging workshops.


Our students learn to move, behave, and act in a foreign language, while simultaneously gaining public speaking skills, confidence, and stage presence.

Our workshops involve performance arts and pedagogy, improvisation games, and concrete language inputs.

Forget about memorization and repetition

Work with theatre and language experts

Explore new situations  and realities



Our workshops involve theatre practice and pedagogy, improvisation games, and concrete language inputs. The students create an authentic and proactive relationship with the foreign language and learn to react naturally in various situations.


PIA's approach not only increases language skills but also the self-awareness of each student. We aim to develop identity and consciousness in a foreign language; we can't simply imitate our native self.

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We are currently teaching a theatre and improv workshop for Spanish (as a second language) for students at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and hosted our first independent workshop in November 2018.


We offer a combination of experiential language learning, intercultural capacity building, and global citizenship education.

The creation of a final play - written and performed by the students - is highly important for the learning process and prepares our students to apply and communicate outside of their comfort zone.







Photography: MEMENTO 68 - Robert Ruckus / CEPE UNAM - Ángel Llera Salazar


Yvonne Feiger



Yvonne holds a Masters degree in Mass Media and Communication Science from the University of Vienna and one in International Education from New York University. She is a professor for Spanish and Theatre at the Centro de Enseñanza para Extranjeros (CEPE) at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). Yvonne is interested in the connection between education and culture and knowledge production for a global world.

Katie Salsbury



Katie is a teacher of English as a foreign language and has been teaching

English in Mexico since 2012. She graduated from the University of Southern

California with a Master’s degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other

Languages), and since she began teaching she has had many diverse

teaching experiences. Her journey as a learner of Spanish informs her teaching and she is passionate about helping individuals achieve their goals through language


Roberto Espinosa



Roberto studied "Literatura Dramática y Teatro" at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). He currently works as Professor for Spanish and Theatre at the Centro de Enseñanza para Extranjeros (CEPE) at UNAM. Roberto also teaches English and Theatre for kids at Decroly Comunidad Educativa. His life passion is theatre: he is a teacher, director, producer, and playwriter.



CDMX, México

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